okay, it is very much too late and I am entirely too crabby to make a lengthy post on this at the moment, but when people arguing monosexual privilege pull out shit like

[monosexuality] is based on this assumption that you can tell everyone’s gender by looking at them, like how can you really know for sure that you have only ever been attracted to one gender?

I’m sorry, what makes you think I or others haven’t been conditionally attracted to someone (in my case, often a butch-looking presumed lesbian) from afar only to get closer and realize that person is most likely not the gender they/we are interested in (and again in my case, this has frequently meant “younger-than-I-would-ever-actually-be-interested-in-anyway men”)?

Strangely enough, and I know this might go over the heads of a lot of people who, thank god, tend not to follow me anyway, but attraction can be conditional (and can be conditional in ways that do not necessarily reinforce transmisogyny, transphobia, and cissexism).

I do agree that you can’t automatically tell someone’s gender just from looking at them, but for a lot of us, realizing that someone we found attractive from afar probably isn’t the gender we first assumed, or getting to know someone and realizing they don’t ID with a gender we are attracted to, means…no longer being interested or attracted to them. It is as simple as that. And believe it or not, it does actually work this way for some people!

Holland Roden, shopping Parker clothing, attends The Launch of Parker on Spring at The A List on September 16, 2014

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I want a girlfriend so badly :(((

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i am FULL of HATE and CEREAL

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look at this snape i found


it seems normal but then


what is this


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to the tune of let it go

Fus roh dah, fus roh dah
to the draugr in the tomb
fus roh dah, fus roh dah
run away or hear my thu’um
I don’t care what the thalmor say
let Talos rage on

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