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Dear everyone ever,

Please stop discrediting the opinions of teenage girls. Please stop making young women believe that their thoughts are not worthy of being heard. Please stop telling them that they’re incapable of understanding complex issues like racism and sexism (particularly when these are things that they often experience personally). Please stop perpetuating the idea that their passion is just hormonal fanaticism. 

Young women deserve to be heard, and they deserve to be taken seriously.

In conclusion, stop being misogynistic dickwads, and try treating young women with respect.

And maybe listen to what these teenagers have to say every once in a while, you might learn something.


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Lena Headey for Because I am a Girl Campaign - Face Up to violence against girls [x]

thank you for all the messages, it means a lot, but im not in any state to answer them right now or even be on tumblr. i love you all

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10 Disney Lyric/movie crossovers

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remember how i said i was dropping out of college for the sake of my mental health

well ive been guilt tripped in to going back yay

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Thought Tumblr would like this. Elsaba playing chess.

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Books and Cupcakes’s Book Photo Challenge, September, day 3: Latest purchase.

The Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness
I know it was on my last photo, but honestly who cares. Also I’ve got 9 more books on their way to my embrace.

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guinevere fest
day 6: once and future

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yo I haven’t been playing the sims 3 for long (and sims 4 has just came out oops but anyway) my sim wants to host a magician from simport and I didn’t even know this was a thing and I want to try it but I have no friends on my sims account

so if anyone is online right now who has any magicians I can host please tell me your sims username etc etc~

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